To edit or not to edit is the question.

Whether to edit out a blemish on your face in headshot photography depends on your personal preferences and the context of the photos. Here are some considerations:

  1. Natural Look: If you want your headshot to represent you as you are in everyday life, you may choose to leave the blemish unedited for a natural and authentic appearance.
  2. Branding and Presentation: Consider your personal brand and the purpose of the headshot. If the blemish doesn't align with your brand or message, you may opt to have it edited out to present a polished image.
  3. Photographer's Expertise: Discuss the blemish with your photographer. They can offer advice on whether it's advisable to edit it out or if it can be minimized through lighting, angles, or makeup.
  4. Retouching Skills: Ensure that the photographer or retoucher has the skills to edit the blemish seamlessly. Overly retouched photos can appear artificial.
  5. Balance and Realism: If you choose to have it edited, ask for subtle retouching that maintains a natural look. The goal is to enhance your appearance without making it obvious that retouching was done.

Ultimately, the decision to edit out a blemish or leave it in should align with your branding goals and the image you want to convey in your headshot. It's essential to communicate your preferences clearly with your photographer to achieve the desired result.